Robotic ureteric reimplantation

Robotic Ureteric Reimplantation

Robotic ureteric reimplantation

Robotic Ureteric Reimplantation is a procedure where the robotic surgical platform is used to treat narrowings (strictures) usually in the distal (lower) end of the ureter.

These could be a result of previous stones, instrumentation, trauma, radiotherapy, injuries from other surgical procedures (gynae, colorectal), endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease.

The aim of the procedure is to remove the affected/diseased and narrow ureteric segment and then to rejoin the remaining ureter again to the bladder.
Sometimes more complex reconstructions are required to be able to bridge the gap after removal of affected ureter.

The advantage of the robotic platform is that these can be performed via the keyhole approach without having to convert or use open procedure to do so. The fine suturing and increased range of movement by utilising the Da Vinci platform allows the surgeon to offer a minimally invasive approach with low complication rate and faster, less painful recovery period.

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